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What are the original Ukrainian souvenirs?  Ukrainian souvenirs are original, colorful and memorable and will fascinate anyone. Undoubtedly, you will also be attracted to their role models. Choosing the right souvenir may be an obsessive task for some of you.Some people buy souvenirs for themselves to always remember the country they traveled to, while others like to give them as gifts to friends and relatives when they return from a trip. In any case, read this article to choose special and memorable souvenirs from Ukraine.

1.Objects painted in the style of Petrikivka The style of painting “Petrikivka” will put your finger in your mouth.  This indigenous style, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was born in the Dnieper region of the village of Petrikyuka.You can explore this area and buy a variety of Petriqueka-style painted objects such as plates, spoons, macs, jewelry boxes and other decorative objects and be sure to be an amazing gift for your friends.

Ukrainian Souvenir

2.Pysanka Colored Egg Pysanka is a colored Easter egg known as an ancient symbol in Ukraine. Pisanka was made in Ukraine even from the time of idolatry and as a symbol of the sun, life and love. Locals still follow this tradition, and professionals and hard-working people devote their time to preparing Pisanka. Painting Pisanka is a difficult task and requires a lot of patience and care, and one must also be familiar with the paintings depicted.  There are more than one hundred symbolic paintings from different parts of the country in Pisanka coloring.  Pisanka can be considered a masterpiece of art and handicrafts from Ukraine.

3.Vishivanka shirts

Ukraine may be the only country that has been able to successfully incorporate elements of its traditional clothing into new designs.  Until a few years ago, embroidery was considered part of the old tradition, but today it is seen in various forms on the body of young people. “Vyshyvanka” embroidered shirt or blouse will be a special and precious gift and can be used as a souvenir. Vita Kin is the most famous Ukrainian embroidery designer who has made her way to world fashion shows and Paris exhibitions.

Ukrainian Souvenir

4.Vinok Wreath “Vinok” or wreath is a part of Ukrainian folk costume that has spread beyond the traditional part.  Some make crowns with colorful ribbons and some with stunning flowers.To make a complete Ukrainian wreath, 12 flowers must be used, including a thousand leaves, wheat flowers, chamomile, cherry blossoms, peony, chrysanthemums, etc.  Winok has a lot of variety and you can be sure that you will find the crown you want among them.

Ukrainian Souvenir

  1. Sopilka Instrument “Sopilka” is one of the oldest musical instruments in Ukraine, which has been popular since the time of the kings. This instrument is made of wood and there are up to 10 holes on its body. In recent years, the use of original Ukrainian instruments on the country’s indigenous art scene has been revived. The most prominent example in this field is the Onuka electronic music group, which combines contemporary music and folklore in its works. For music lovers, Supilka will be a unique gift and it will be very easy to play.

Ukrainian Souvenirs

  1. Didukh “Didukh” or “kolyada” is one of the oldest elements of Christmas in Ukraine and is known as a symbol of harvest, happiness, wealth and spiritual life of the people. Today, Didoukh is present in homes in the form of a bunch of wheat clusters and various dried flowers and plants, promising Christmas. Didukh usually stays in homes from before Christmas until January 19, the “Kievan Rus Epiphany”.

Ukrainian souvenir

  1. Bulawa “Bulawa”, the weapon of the Cossacks in the past, was for centuries a symbol of strength and toughness. This wand has a wooden or metal handle and a ball-shaped head with which you can hit the enemy. Today, Bulava is presented to leaders, officials, and powerful people as an integral part of Ukraine’s ancient culture.It is also the official symbol of presidential power and is received by the president at his inauguration


«Ukrainian Tourist Attractions Kiev»

Kiev is the largest and most populous city in Ukraine and is known as the cultural center of Islam.  Located in the northern part of central Ukraine on the Nipper River, it is the industrial, scientific and educational heart of Eastern Europe. Kiev is named after Ki, one of the four legendary founders of the city.  It is the oldest city in Eastern Europe, and although it has been inhabited for centuries, its official history dates back to the 5th century AD, with its humid continental climate and summer heat in June, July and  You can experience August and winter snow in December, January and February in Ukraine.

“Esteghlal Square” is the central square of Kiev and one of the main squares of the city.  Many political events take place in this square and that is why it is called the square.  The square is known around the world as a place where supporters of Yushchenko and the Orange Revolution had temporarily settled over the weekend.  The square is the center of Kiev’s gatherings. The St. Sophia Church is the oldest church in Kiev, built in 1037 by order of the powerful leader of Kiev, King Baroslav, and later buried there. 13 golden domes are located on top of a series of white towers and the best place to watch them is the 75 meter bell tower at the entrance of the complex.  Outside the gates of the complex is a statue in memory of Bogdan Melnitsky, who liberated Kiev in the 17th century and gave it to the Russian Empire. The church is located in Sofiskaya Square “Kiev Pechersky Monastery”.

This unique complex, built on the beaches of Dabir, has a very attractive architecture.  Beneath the Golden Dome of the Churches is a network of catacombs lit by candlelight, where Ukrainian saints are placed in glass coffins. The Bolkakov Museum An interesting and unusual view of the life of the most famous author  Kiev, Mikhail Bolkakov as a young boy inside the museum focuses on the White Guard, whose biography dates back to the Russian Civil War in Kiev, and focuses on masterpieces such as Mr. and Macarita The Chernobyl National Museum is a blend of works of art about the tragedy.  The Chernobyl nuclear giant is the tools of the desert and models of brave rescuers and firefighters who died along the way.  Dozens of ceiling-mounted signs commemorate cities that have been evacuated and are still life-threatening.«”St. Michael’s Monastery with Golden Domes» This monastery was built on the west bank of the Nipper River and is known as the commercial and financial area of ​​the city. The monastery was originally built by Sviatobuk Airbuslavij in the Middle Ages.  While the interior design of the monastery remains in its original Byzantine style, its exterior was rebuilt in the 18th century in the Ukrainian Baroque style.

“National Museum of Patriotic War History 1941-1945”.

A collection commemorating Ukraine’s controversial participation in World War II, when the Nazis halved Ukraine’s population.  With more than 300,000 works, as well as a 62-meter sculpture made of titanium and symbolizing the motherland, this collection is one of the largest museums in Ukraine.

«The State Aviation Museum»

This museum, located at the old Giuliani Airport and in front of its terminal in the industrial area, houses many civil and military aircraft, including the N-2 and TU-104.



Obtaining permanent residence through consensual  marriage is possible in two ways:


    From marriage with (non-Ukrainian person) The feature of this type of method for obtaining permanent residence is his short time. Obtaining permanent residence in (5 to 6) months Leads.2. Marriage (with a Ukrainian person):


The process of obtaining a residence permit takes two and a half to three years, although a one-year temporary residence permit is obtained in the first few months and is extended for a second year until the final application is submitted to the Immigration Office. The cost of obtaining permanent residence through expedient marriage with ancillary services is $ 14,000.


Extra service:


    Learning Russian language

    Obtaining a driver’s license

    Opening a bank account

    National Number


5.Work permit


6.Advice on buying a property


7.Advice for starting a business. Important point


Having a permanent residence, we will take a loan of 8000 and above from the bank for you, having a permanent residence, buying a house, car, etc …


In installments from the bank.The cost of obtaining permanent residence through a consensual marriage without ancillary services is $ 12,000.


Required documents:


To obtain permanent residence:


    Legal passport with sufficient validity time including official translation into English with the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the judiciary


2.Certificate of no criminal record including the official translation into English with the seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the judiciary


3.Confirmation of residence, including the image of the ownership document and utility bills 4. AIDS and hepatitis tests and mental disorders, including the benefits of having a residence permit in Ukraine:


the right to receive a pension, etc. Having all the rights of a Ukrainian citizen, except the right to vote. Travel to European countries and the United States, the possibility of using all banking services (Credit loans, etc.) means that you can buy a car and a house in installments, or take a loan from a bank to start a business, or as soon as you receive permanent residence, you can get a bank loan of 8000  Get dollars.




Ukraine’s growing progress in all areas and the possibility of joining the European Union in the near future.  (Receiving a Schengen visa) No need to renew your residence card annually Replacing your residence card only at the age of 25 and 45.  People over 45 do not need to be replaced.  Living in Ukraine without time limit Use of free social services such as medical services: ie free hospital. Entry to Ukraine indefinitely without a visa Financial and investment activities such as buying property No need to leave the country of birth The right of children to study Free immigration to Ukraine is granted within the framework of the immigration quota, this quota is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers and includes


The following people are ،


Within the quota range


Activists of science and culture, whose migration is in the interests of Ukraine; Specialists and highly qualified staff that the Ukrainian economy needs.Individuals who have invested in the Ukrainian economy in the amount of at least 100,000 US dollars, and this investment is registered in accordance with the law; Persons who are relatives of Ukrainian citizens.Siblings, grandparents, grandchildren;  People who previously had Ukrainian citizenship. Immigrant parents, spouse and young children, persons who have lived in the territory of Ukraine for three consecutive years since the day of asylum in Ukraine, as well as parents, spouses and minor children living with them. Out of the quota of one of the spouses, provided that his / her spouse is a Ukrainian citizen, after two years of marriage for persons who supervise or care for Ukrainian citizens.For persons entitled to receive Ukrainian citizenship on a regional basis.For persons whose immigration is in the interests of Ukraine.

«Main Benefits of a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP)»

Foreigners who want to live in Ukraine indefinitely and are willing to invest $100,000 or more in the Ukrainian economy are eligible to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP).

The main benefits of PRP are as follows:

* The right to reside in Ukraine due to unlimited

*The right to work without a work permit

*The right to do business in Ukraine, as a private entrepreneur, with very favorable tax laws, through the scheme Tax simplification (integrated tax is a maximum of 5% of receivables), which can lead to significant taxes.It can simplify the visa process for EU countries.(For citizens who need such a visa.)

«How to get PRP?»

Main Requirements:

Similar to investment-based permanent residency programs, in many other countries, such as the United States, Canada and Singapore, Ukraine offers permanent residency to foreign investors, provided the following conditions are met.

* Investment  To be done with a convertible foreign currency.

* The investment amount should not be less than $ 100,000

* Payment for the investment should be made in accordance with the Investment and Banking Law of Ukraine. These funds will be invested in the Ukrainian economy.


Not all types of investments are eligible for this plan. For example, the purchase of property in Ukraine does not allow a foreign national to obtain an immigration permit, and as a result (PRP after the company, with foreign capital, is properly registered in Ukraine, can carry out any business activity  Which is not prohibited by Ukrainian law and is mentioned in the legal documents of the company (including investment activity, trade, services, export, import, commercial activity, etc.)

The company’s capital can be used to purchase property (including real estate, assets  Other goods) as well as for the current activities of the company.

So, for example, if you want to buy real estate in Ukraine and live permanently in Ukraine, you can set up a company in Ukraine, deposit the amount of capital (equivalent to $100,000 or more) and the property

Buy it in the name of a legal entity. Once the investment has been made, foreign nationals can apply for an immigration permit, followed by a permanent residence permit.

How to get PRP?  There are five steps to obtaining PRP in Ukraine:

To obtain PRP, you must, by law, go through such steps. The main steps for obtaining a PRP include the following:

* Starting a company in Ukraine

* Deposit capital

* Apply for an immigration permit

* Apply for a D visa

* Apply for a permanent residence permit.

Below you can find more details about each of these steps.

*Step 1. Starting a company in Ukraine

In most cases, LLC is the most suitable business structure in Ukraine, because it is easy to register and maintain. The registration process only takes one business day. Before registering a company, foreign nationals must obtain a tax certificate, which takes three working days. Fill out the application form and prepare and sign the company chart. Since all documents must be in Ukrainian and due to the complexity of the rules and procedures for registration in Ukraine, it is highly recommended that you use the services of a professional legal advisor to perform the above steps.  *Step 2.Deposit Capital …. After registering the company, you as a shareholder of the company need to deposit capital, in the amount of $ 100,000 or equivalent.

To be eligible, you must raise your company’s capital in the following way:

from your personal overseas account to your investment bank account to a Ukrainian bank in foreign currency (eg GBP, EUR,  Send USD etc).Then the funds of these foreign exchange currencies are transferred from the investment bank account to your company’s bank account. After the investment is made, you must obtain a certificate from your investment approval bank.

*Step 3.Apply for an Immigration Permit (Invitation).

After making this investment, a foreigner can apply for an immigration permit to the State Immigration Service of Ukraine (if a foreigner is present in Ukraine) or the Ukrainian Embassy in the country of residence.To apply for this permit, you must provide the following documents:

* Passport and its valid translation into Ukrainian

* 8 photos 3, 5 by 4, 5 cm

* Certificate from the bank that confirms your investment Ukrainian company chart and confirmation certificate  Company Registrant.

Document confirming your address (can be a driver’s license, electricity bill, etc.) Certificate without criminal record Information about close relatives (if married and registered in the birth certificate) Medical certificate confirming that the person is a drug addict  , Is not addicted to opiates or alcohol and does not have any infectious diseases according to the law.The time limit for obtaining an immigration permit is defined by law as a maximum of one year.

*Step 4. Apply for a D visa After obtaining an immigration permit or invitation, a foreigner residing in another country must apply for a D-type visa from the Ukrainian embassy or consulate before entering Ukraine. Foreign nationals must apply for a permanent residence permit within five working days of entering Ukraine.

* Step 5. Permanent Residence Permit . Permanent Residence Permit is issued on the basis of an immigration permit within 15 working days upon application to the State Immigration Office of Ukraine. Because the procedure for obtaining permanent residence in Ukraine takes time, if you want to immigrate to Ukraine earlier, you can get a temporary residence permit (issued for up to three years and extended).To do this, a Ukrainian company founded by you can hire you as a manager and obtain a work permit for you, which is the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

On the other hand, if the investment is made in excess of $ 100,000, a temporary residence permit can be issued without employment in Ukraine.

«How can you use your company’s investment funds in Ukraine?»

Once your company is registered in Ukraine and you have deposited capital, you can use these funds for different needs:

to finance the company’s business activities you can use the property in the name of the company in this legal case, the company as the owner of the property and  Buy registered real estate.


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