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What are the original Ukrainian souvenirs

What are the original Ukrainian souvenirs?  Ukrainian souvenirs are original, colorful and memorable and will fascinate anyone. Undoubtedly, you will also be attracted to their role models. Choosing the right souvenir may be an obsessive task for some of you.Some people buy souvenirs for themselves to always remember the country they traveled to, while others like to give them as gifts to friends and relatives when they return from a trip. In any case, read this article to choose special and memorable souvenirs from Ukraine.

1.Objects painted in the style of Petrikivka The style of painting “Petrikivka” will put your finger in your mouth.  This indigenous style, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was born in the Dnieper region of the village of Petrikyuka.You can explore this area and buy a variety of Petriqueka-style painted objects such as plates, spoons, macs, jewelry boxes and other decorative objects and be sure to be an amazing gift for your friends.

Ukrainian Souvenir

2.Pysanka Colored Egg Pysanka is a colored Easter egg known as an ancient symbol in Ukraine. Pisanka was made in Ukraine even from the time of idolatry and as a symbol of the sun, life and love. Locals still follow this tradition, and professionals and hard-working people devote their time to preparing Pisanka. Painting Pisanka is a difficult task and requires a lot of patience and care, and one must also be familiar with the paintings depicted.  There are more than one hundred symbolic paintings from different parts of the country in Pisanka coloring.  Pisanka can be considered a masterpiece of art and handicrafts from Ukraine.

3.Vishivanka shirts

Ukraine may be the only country that has been able to successfully incorporate elements of its traditional clothing into new designs.  Until a few years ago, embroidery was considered part of the old tradition, but today it is seen in various forms on the body of young people. “Vyshyvanka” embroidered shirt or blouse will be a special and precious gift and can be used as a souvenir. Vita Kin is the most famous Ukrainian embroidery designer who has made her way to world fashion shows and Paris exhibitions.

Ukrainian Souvenir

4.Vinok Wreath “Vinok” or wreath is a part of Ukrainian folk costume that has spread beyond the traditional part.  Some make crowns with colorful ribbons and some with stunning flowers.To make a complete Ukrainian wreath, 12 flowers must be used, including a thousand leaves, wheat flowers, chamomile, cherry blossoms, peony, chrysanthemums, etc.  Winok has a lot of variety and you can be sure that you will find the crown you want among them.

Ukrainian Souvenir

  1. Sopilka Instrument “Sopilka” is one of the oldest musical instruments in Ukraine, which has been popular since the time of the kings. This instrument is made of wood and there are up to 10 holes on its body. In recent years, the use of original Ukrainian instruments on the country’s indigenous art scene has been revived. The most prominent example in this field is the Onuka electronic music group, which combines contemporary music and folklore in its works. For music lovers, Supilka will be a unique gift and it will be very easy to play.

Ukrainian Souvenirs

  1. Didukh “Didukh” or “kolyada” is one of the oldest elements of Christmas in Ukraine and is known as a symbol of harvest, happiness, wealth and spiritual life of the people. Today, Didoukh is present in homes in the form of a bunch of wheat clusters and various dried flowers and plants, promising Christmas. Didukh usually stays in homes from before Christmas until January 19, the “Kievan Rus Epiphany”.

Ukrainian souvenir

  1. Bulawa “Bulawa”, the weapon of the Cossacks in the past, was for centuries a symbol of strength and toughness. This wand has a wooden or metal handle and a ball-shaped head with which you can hit the enemy. Today, Bulava is presented to leaders, officials, and powerful people as an integral part of Ukraine’s ancient culture.It is also the official symbol of presidential power and is received by the president at his inauguration


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