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«National Medical University» Kiev (Medical) Study traditional medicine in Ukraine.

Dear friends:

, our university is one of the few private medical education universities in Ukraine. Since 1992, when Kiev Medical University was founded, we have been determined to achieve the highest international standards of education. We have succeeded in achieving this goal, which has been confirmed by the recruitment of our graduates by clinics in Ukraine and around the world. Because many XML students are foreigners, today we teach at KMI in Ukraine, Russia and English, which offers great opportunities in international career collaboration.


Medical knowledge by international scientific libraries.  We also pay attention to elective courses in folk medicine such as Anuroda homiubani, Yuka, etc.  The university has the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and is listed in the handbooks of medical schools, colleges and universities, as well as in the US International Medical Education Directory (IMED) among several international regulatory agencies.  The diploma from Kiev Medical University is recognized by the special medical councils of many countries of the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and others.  Curriculum and amount of XML courses are fully in line with EU standards in the field of medical education.  From 2015, foreign graduates may have postgraduate studies (eg, internships) in Ukraine, at our university in the best public and private clinics, in order to enter the labor market, the KMU curriculum has a structure.


The mission of our university is to create a professional team, to direct and distribute our efforts in presenting and dividing the opportunities of successful education of students and the effective formation of students’ medical professionalism and civic competence, scientific research skills, accumulated abilities and creating new knowledge. Towards self-development and self-improvement, to the professional growth of students and the increase of their social status. The university meets the best of certain general values, ethics and medical ethics, complies with the principles of international conventions, adheres to the accountability of students and faculty, justice and innovation and honesty, independence and sincere teamwork.


Kiev Medical University located in the capital of Ukraine Visit here You will see the beauty of the ancient city of Kiev unforgettable, I ask you to be curious about the unique knowledge and culture of Ukraine, which is part of the European community. We look forward to your progress at Kiev Medical University  Postgraduate tuition fees .. Tuition fee in Russian General Medicine: $2,800 (year) Dentistry: $ 3,200 (year) Tuition fee in English General Medicine: $3,500 Dentistry: $3,800 Podfak (Language College) 1500  Dollars (one year) Accommodation costs  $1,000 per year.

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