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Schools and fields of Kiev National University Taras Shevchenko or Red University Kiev

Schools and fields of Kiev National University Taras Shevchenko or Red University Kiev

 General Medicine



Microbiology and immune system biology, biophysics, botany, biochemistry, virology, zoology, genetics, plant physiology, animal physiology Strategic systems  Automation, Tactical-Specialized Preparation, Cartography, Repulsion of Biological Nuclear Chemical Attacks, Military Training and Psychology, Military Economics, Military Law, War and Defense Tactics, General Military Meteorological Studies, Waterlogging and Drainage, Geographical Mapping, Economic Geography  – Social, Geology and Tourism, Geography of Ukraine International Economics, Theory of Economics, Management of Private Institutions, Applied Economics, Credit Finance Management Faculty of Journalism National University of Kiev Taras Shevchenko or Red University of Kiev Press writing, Modern writing styles, Journalism between  International, television and radio, public information systems, social communication theory


Translator of different languages, literature of different languages, language teaching methods, dialectology of Ukrainian history, anthropology of countries, archeology, history of the ancient world, contemporary history, history of nations, history of Russia, information systems simulation systems, operational robots, analysis  And Systems Guidance, Planning Theory, Robotic Systems Theory of Pure Mathematics, Algebra and Logic, Applied Mechanics Theory of Regional Political Science, Public International Law, Private International Law, International Institutions and Diplomatic Services, International Public Relations,  International Information, International Relations and Foreign Policy, Foreign Economic Strategy, International Credit Relations, Global Property and International Economics Radio Wave Theory, Applied Radiography, Quantum Radio Systems, Electrophysics, Faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology, Kiev Taras National University  Shefchenko or Red University of Kiev Social-Educational Jobs, Individual Psychology, Social Psychology, Sociological Theory of Molecular Physics, Light Physics, Quantum Physics, Physical Theory of Existential Physics, Laboratory Physics, Metal Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, National University  Taras Shevchenko or Red University Bag Limited Chemistry, Unlimited Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Organic Chemistry Theory and History of Governments and Laws, Constitutional Law, Social Law, Labor and Trade Union Law, Government Law, Criminal Law, Criminology


University Tuition:


    Language of study at a Russian university

    Annual tuition for the university, $3,800


3_Language of study, English 4_ Annual tuition,$4,200


5- One-year cost of Padfak 2500 dollars


6.Dormitory cost: Depending on the type and quality of dormitory in the year 800 to 900 dollars


7.Age limit: under 30 years 8.Scientific condition: Diploma grade point average above 14


9 .Selection method: Through the entrance exam of the facilities of the National University of Kiev Taras Shefchenko or the Red University of Kiev in this university, various facilities such as library, dormitory, gym and sports fields, etc. have been provided at a very desirable level for students.

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